In order for Mabuhay Deseret Foundation to consider a patient for surgery, the following information is required:

PHOTO (For cleft lip, club foot, burn contractures and below the knee amputees – bka only)

Mabuhay Deseret  Foundation facilitates only the following conditions: cataract, cross-eyes, cleft lip/palate, burn contractures, clubfoot (age 18 and under only), and below the knee amputees BKA.

For cataract patients**, a doctor’s signature confirming diagnosis should be included with the referral.

Depending on the referral party (not necessary for organizations working primarily with indigent and marginalized populations), a DSWD case study report confirming patient’s inability to afford surgery may be requested.

Upon receiving the above information, Mabuhay Deseret Foundation will review the case.  When a patient is accepted, he will receive instructions and be notified of his scheduled date to appear at the Foundation along with one relative/companion only.  Prior to surgery, patients must be screened for and free of worms, coughs, colds, fevers, primary complex (weak lungs), and be of adequate weight to support surgery.  To facilitate and expedite surgery, we ask that the referring party ensure that their referrals are healthy and able to undergo surgery.  As much as possible, we also request that referring parties follow up with, encourage and motivate patients to come to the Foundation on their appoinment day.  We suggest that each patient make at least a P1,000.00 donation to the Foundation; however, patients unable to do so will not be turned away.  Relatives, barangay leaders, employers and referring parties are encouraged to assist the patient in raising and saving such funds.  They may also be interested in sponsoring the patient by contributing the full P2,500.00 (average cost of surgery).