Success in Egypt

I would like to tell you about another success story about a poor man who is 46-years old who works as an employee in an alimentary school in a village in EL MENIA province (220km from Cairo).

He works in the afternoon in an office of a lawyer as a secretary to increase his income since he has a family of four children. He suffered from a Central Corneal Opacity in his left eye. His vision in this eye was 4/60 so he depended in his right eye where his vision was fair.

Once when he was passing by some people who were fighting, he got a stone thrown in his right eye, which was his best eye. This caused him to have a ruptured globe.

He went to EL MENIA HOSPITAL to repair his corneal wound where they sutured the cornea. After that, he had a dense Leucoma in his right eye and lost his vision and his hand movement, which was his protection.

He took an obligatory vacation from his job at the school due to his very week vision, since now he has only one eye seeing which is 4/60 which didn’t allow him to do his work well.

They gave him a health vacation with a half salary, which is the law in Egypt. This half salary was 120le to raise a family of four children beside his wife!

Since he also left his work at the law office, he tried to go to doctors to make this operation, ( keratoplasty) BUT no doctor in EL MENIA province could do this operation. So he was advised to go to Cairo, where he knew he couldn’t afford the cost of the examination of famous eye doctors in Cairo, which is about 100 le for exam. He remained blind, sad and depressed.

Last year, we went to a village called Matai in el Menia. This man heard about that there are good doctors coming from Egypt to exam the poor people on that date. He booked his place very early, since he was living on a hope to regain his vision back, we examined him and saw the dense opacity and gave him a date to come to our clinic in Cairo for more investigations for free.

Two weeks after, he came we reexamined him, made a sonography for him that revealed that the interior of the eye was good and healthy. We also made vep for testing the optic nerve which was in good condition, then a general examination was done for preparing him to surgery.

On September 18, 2007, the operation was done for penetrating kertoplasty. We made a close follow up to him and after one month of the operation the vision was 6/18 un aided vision.

One month later, we made him a pair of eye glasses which improved the vision till 6/9 which was really a marvelous result.

The patient was so happy and couldn’t didn’t believe that all this could be done to him without charge.

He was always expecting us to charge him. He didn’t think that all this was free. He said (maybe they were waiting for the result to charge me) but we assured him that this all was due to the donations of our partners and friends.

After he put his eye glasses and saw how his vision came back very clearly, he cried and thanked GOD a lot. He said to us that he never lost hope in GOD and his miracles. Even in the darkest times.

He said, I knew that after the long time I remained in darkness, GOD would restore my vision back again. I never hurt any one or insulted any one and I was quite sure of GOD was generous and merciful.

He called me a few weeks later and said he went back to work in the school after he was subjected to a clinical test in the health department that accepted his vision and ability to work, and he worked after noon as a writer in an accountant office with more salary that the previous salary in the law office. He has a new life full of happiness and love.

Now he can raise his family well and fulfill his ambitions thanks to all of you. Without your aid and encouragement, we could never do this.

Kindest regards,
Ahmed Hathoot


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