Mervat Hanaf was a poor woman, age 46 years old. She came to us in one of the caravans that we did in ancient Cairo one and a half years ago.

She came to us suffering from very poor vision in the right eye, which was hand movement only with bad projection. We asked her how it happened. She said her husband hit her for six months severely that her head was opened and she went to the hospital and got stitches in her head.

At the same time she lost the vision in the left eye. When she went to the governmental hospital at that time they told her she had an internal hemorrhage in the vitreous and the anterior chamber, and a retinal detachment. They also said she didn’t have any hope for surgical interference or treatment, and to thank GOD that her second eye is well!

Of course, this was a very wrong decision, since she can be cured from this hemorrhage and can be washed and an operation can be done to fix he retina again, BUT is very expensive operation and takes a lot of effort.

The patient didn’t have any money so they told here that there was no hope! Most governmental hospitals don’t perform this operation because it is very coasty and needs very skillful doctors.

So her left eye was lost because the hemorrhage in the anterior chamber and the eye was totally lost forever just because she is poor!

We asked her about her right eye. She said she has some itching and she is very afraid on this eye since it is her only good eye. She is responsible for three children after her husband left them without any money.

We examined her right eye very well and it was okay without any problems.

A few weeks later, she came to our center, and was very terrified and sad. She said that the day before she suddenly felt a sharp drop in her vision in her good eye and the vision became worse today.

When examining her, I found a large giant tear in the retina and the hole was so posterior. Of course, this was very threatening to her vision and so dangerous; especially that she was one-eyed patient. We have to move so quickly. This patient had to make a vitrectomy operation so quickly to preserve her vision.

In our center, we don’t have a vitrectomy machine, so we contacted one of our retinal surgeons and we explained the situation of the patient, then we sent the patient to an eye center equipped with vitrectomy machine and we paid to the patient the cost in advance so that to make the operation as much as possible.

The time from the moment that the patient came to our center till she made the operation was only 18 hours.

The operation went smoothly. The next day the patient came to our center, to thank us since her vision came back again, after she lived a terror from losing her lonely eye.

She told us she wasn’t sad about her lost of vision, but she was very afraid about her three children. She wondered who would raise and take care of them.

The oldest is 13 years, and the youngest is six. With no father and no one who could help.

BUT now, she is seeing and she can continue her work and feed her children. She came yesterday to the clinic to thank us and she offered to come every author day to clean the clinic without charge.

We thanked her and told her that we are only the hand that gives the help but we have a lot of supporters and supplies much more better than us they are from different nations, different races different religions, BUT they all have a common thing, that they love GOD and love to do the GOODNESS as sort of thanking GOD for his gifts and blessings.

These are our supports and suppliers, without them we can do nothing… so DON’T THANK US, ONLY THANK GOD.

She left our center and her tears were creeping on her cheeks. Thanks to you all my dear friends, May GOD bless you all…